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New A2I publication in "Implementation Science"

As part of the project, a new research paper entitled “Exploring the Role of Professional Identity in the Implementation of Clinical Decision Support Systems-A Narrative Review ” was recently published in the journal Implementation Science. The study provides an in-depth look at the complex interplay between clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and the professional identity of healthcare professionals.

Through a systematic literature review covering studies from 2010 to 2023, critical insights were gained into how CDSS can be perceived by healthcare professionals as either a threat or a tool to enhance their own professional role.

Key findings of the study include:

  • The perception of CDSS as a threat to professional identity has a significant impact on the success of their implementation, particularly in relation to perceptions of professional control, autonomy and relationships with patients.
  • Factors such as technology integration, organizational dynamics, and individual attitudes toward CDSS play a critical role in shaping these perceptions.
  • Health professionals’ reactions to CDSS vary from perceived threats to their expertise and autonomy to opportunities to expand their role within clinical workflows.

The authors emphasize the need to consider the impact on professional identity at all stages of CDSS implementation. It is considered crucial that health managers recognize and address potential threats to professional identity in order to promote a more inclusive and effective integration of CDSS into health practice. Furthermore, a participatory approach to the design and implementation of CDSS is advocated, emphasizing the direct involvement of health professionals to mitigate threat perceptions and increase uptake of the system.

The study is freely available (open access).